Emergency Ab Workout 101

All of us want a strong core. Why else would we be doing pilates? OK. It feels wonderful but so does eating a home-cooked meal or imbibing in a glass of wine. However, neither of those help us achieve our fitness goals. Sometimes we can hit a plateau in our pilates practice. Despite our best efforts, the results just aren’t there. Well, here’s a little bit of hope for you.

I came across an article that amazed, intrigued, and yes, even gave me the results I have been seeking for a very long time. I’m rarely impressed and even more rarely forward articles I read on-line, especially from Yahoo. That said, I’d feel really remiss if I didn’t share this with you. I hope it can help you achieve your goals if you are experiencing this same plateau or alternatively, be an added tool to keep in shape when you travel, can’t get to the studio, or just simply a tool to explore other ways to increase your strength on your own time.  You should notice that many of these moves are pilates based but what I was impressed by is the simplicity, clear instruction, modifications, and of course, results. Hopefully, you will be feeling the burn from a great workout like I did and who knows, maybe those extra pounds so many of us gain during the holidays will be a thing of the past.


As always, feel free to email me with feedback, questions, or suggestions for topics that interest you. I can be reached at smsunrise@yahoo.com or contact Bria directly. Thank you for reading!


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