Amaze Yourself

Recently, I saw a Youtube video of two people on the Cadillac doing movements that mesmerized me. When I shared this with a friend, he begged me not to attempt it. As if. The video though left me with a feeling that we are far more capable and competent than we give ourselves credit for. The following day I received an email from the pilates studio in my former town offering a discount if I’d return. Apparently, they didn’t know I had relocated to Seattle over the summer. Out of curiosity, I checked out their webpage to see what had changed. When I left Nashville, the studio was moving to a trendy area called “The Gulch”. Again, I came across a video that had me mesmerized. The owner and one of the instructors had created a choreographed dance scene on the Cadillac which was nothing short of mesmerizing. Both are former, professional dancers. I know both fairly well as I use to be an avid customer and had the privilege to be guided by their expert training.

My point in telling you this is that both videos demonstrate that we are far more capable of moving our bodies in ways than we give ourselves credit for. It’s easy to get into a routine and become “lazy” in the sense that we lose the connection between our bodies and our minds. Every class or workout routine offers an opportunity to reconnect, to push ourselves – within safe boundaries, of course – and to experience just how amazing these things are that we own and use to move throughout the day. I’ve shared the videos below not to challenge you to do this yourself, but to offer an opportunity to pause and find your own appreciation of your magnificent human body. It is capable of far more than you may give it credit for. If we strive just a tiny bit to expand our strength, our connection between the mind and body, and develop awareness, we may surprise even ourselves at what we can accomplish.

Pilates “Full Hang” by Regan Hoerster, Village Pilates Studio  (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE)

As a heads up, Bria will be posting Youtube videos at some point in the future so that outside of the classroom, you, too, can develop your own practice from Bria’s expert instructors. In the meantime, next week’s blog will include an interview with Joanna Nichols, LMP at Light of Hand Massage located next door to Bria. She will discuss the benefits of massage, her unique approach, and what she hopes to give to her clients, just in case you want to give your amazing body a delicious treat and added support for all the work it does for you.

As always, feel free to email me with feedback, questions, or suggestions for topics that interest you. I can be reached at or contact Bria directly. Thank you for reading!

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