Hello, Everyone. Welcome to the new Bria blog!

My name is Shelley Meredith and I recently moved to Seattle from Nashville, Tennessee where I lived for 17 years. I worked for a large medical center as an Administrative Officer managing all financial, operational, and human resource objectives for a department. After several life changing events last year, I made the decision to pursue a life-long dream of living in the Northwest. So with great hope and expectation, I’m starting a new life and a new career.


My current passions are pilates – of course! – travel, wine, writing, and interior design.  I’ve been doing pilates for almost 7 years, mainly on Balanced Body equipment though my personal trainer in Nashville is STOTT certified. My current goals are to be certified in pilates as well as Yamuna body work. I’m also pursuing other business endeavors such as small business strategic development, marketing, and life coaching which includes smart, personal financial management. I believe in people and their ability to achieve their dreams – whatever those might be – if they have a strong desire and the right support system.  If you think I have a lot of varied interests, you’re right! But, that’s what makes life fun!


I’m excited to join the Bria community and look forward to meeting you all in the studio. Please feel free to email me with topics, ideas, or suggestions.  This blog is for YOU and our desire is that it helps you live happier, healthier lives, both inside and outside the studio.



Shelley Meredith