Pilates is a form of exercise that is unique in multiple ways. Physically, it’s incredibly challenging and rewarding, and has so many applications to recovery and strength that aid our daily lives. In addition, Pilates can have a huge impact on our lives emotionally, mentally, and socially.  The Bria community is a perfect example of what a well-rounded Pilates environment can do for our lives.  I find that being a part of the Bria family is almost equally as rewarding for my mental and emotional health, as it is for my physical well-being.

Whether or not I have the chance to take a class when I’m at the studio, I leave Bria feeling inspired by the hard work and passion of the people that I had the opportunity to interact with while I was there. As a Customer Service Representative, I have the wonderful opportunity to witness the inspiring people who walk through our door on a daily basis. Their dedication, growth, and hard work, inspires me and the rest of our community. I love that Bria is a place where everyone is seeking knowledge and growth, and supporting each other in those journeys.

In light of my “musings” about our Bria Community, I wanted to share an interesting article from the IDEA Health & Fitness Association. This article spotlights two individuals: one who overcame incredible hardship with the help of Pilates and the community it provided for her, and another whose eyes were opened to a new world of transformation by embracing Pilates as a transformative type of exercise.  I believe that we all can learn a little bit from both of these stories, and can be proud to be a part of such a strong and well-rounded Pilates community here at Bria:


-Mackenzie Sipiora